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MedSharks has been running the Stellaris project - a research and conservation initiative on the nursehound shark (Scyliorhinus stellaris) - since 2012. 

After mapping nursery areas of this species through citizen science - divers' reports, researchers are now monitoring the largest of such areas: the Santa Croce Bank, in the Gulf of Naples (Italy, Mediterranean sea).

We follow baby sharks as they develop in their eggcases; with a citizen science project we photo-identify adults in the area, and we regularly remove lost fishing gear from the seafloor, minimising the impact of illegal fishing in this sensitive area. 

We also conduct outreach and educational activities for divers, and an annual event - the BioBlitz - where diving citizen scientists help us carry out our research and conservation activities.

Read more on this project on our past sponsor, the Save Our Seas Foundation

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