How to get there: sail from Palermo. The journey takes about 1.30 hours (high speed boat, 27 euro) or 3 hours (ship, 20 euro).  Download the timetable and fares to Ustica and back

Conference venue: activities will be held in the “Teatro Comunale”, about 10 min from the harbour.


Please visit the island's official website

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The conference will be held in Ustica (south Tyrrenian Sea, north of Sicily). The island of Ustica is the small top of a volcanic seamount that is inactive since 100.000 yrs. It has an area of 8,6 square km and it is located about 70 km from the harbour of Palermo.

Ustica has only one town, located in the south - east of the island, just above the small port of Cala Santa Maria. The island has a population of 1370 inhabitants, in prevalence devoted to tourism, agriculture and fishing. Ustica in 1986 became the first Marine Reserve established in Italy. In 2015 the International Astronomical Union gave the name of Ustica to a small planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. For the beauty of its coasts and for the clarity of its waters Ustica is considered a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

The climate at Ustica is warm and temperate and was classified as Mediterranean. Rainfall is higher in winter than in summer. The average annual rainfall is 485 mm. July is the driest month, 4 mm, while November is the rainest one, averagely 71 mm. The average temperature is 17.8 °C (




Twin room without brekfast € 76,50


+39 388 3493595


Single room in H/B € 82,00


Double room in H/B € 70,00 for person with sea view


Double room in H/B € 75,00 for person with sea view


For F/B add € 25 for the second meal


 tel. +39 091 844 90 39 -


Single room €. 74 with breakfast

Double room (as single) €. 84,00 with breakfast

Double room/double bed €. 105,00 with breakfast

Triple €. 137,00 with breakfast


House in the historical centre of Ustica:

2 beds €. 98,00 with breakfast at the Hotel Clelia

2 beds €. 82,50 room only

3 beds €. 137,00 with breakfast at the Hotel Clelia

3 beds €. 114,00 room only


House with sea view:

2 beds €. 105 with breakfast


additional discount of 13% by booking at least 30 days in advance.

Provisional list of accomodations at special reduced rates for delegates. This will be updated as new offers from other hotels become available.


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